Empowering people affected by disability, additional needs and life-changing conditions with the benefits of year-round mountain activities

Donors and Funding

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Every donation we receive is used entirely to support the aims and objectives of Ski 2 Freedom and every little bit helps!  -  thank you just so very much!!

“On behalf of so many disabled children and adults who have had the chance to learn a new skill, advance existing ski knowledge, had an opportunity to laugh, shout and share in the magical experiences that only the mountains can give,  I would like to say an enormous thank you to all those who have so generously made a donation to Ski 2 Freedom.

To all our “starter” and new Friends your support now and in the future will ensure that many more young people and adults with physical, learning, sight, hearing, mental health problems, and chronic illness will have the chance to be together with family and friends sharing the strength and energy that the mountains give in the winter and summer.”  
Catherine Cosby – Founding Director

Ski 2 Freedom – Why your donation is so important:

Taking part in winter sport activities and experiencing the mountains in general bring education, self-expression, self-confidence, a discovery and improvement of existing and new skills, integration and rehabilitation, opportunities for employment and volunteering not just for people with an existing disability, special need or life-long illness or for those who may at anytime suffer a life-changing experience affecting their physical or mental health but for all members of our society worldwide.  What we can do is to try to provide:

  • Education raises awareness  (mountains and activities)

  • Facilitating everyone to participate on an equal basis (mountain and sporting activities)

  • Ensuring that people with a disability or impairment have access to sporting and recreational activities (explanation through the assessments and information gathering)

  • Social integration

  • Possible rehabilitation (self-awareness, self-confidence, new-lease of life, new-challenges)

  • Opportunities for employment and volunteering (non-exclusive)

  • Consideration given to every individual and group regardless of nationality, social or ethnic background, disability, sex and geographical location.

Ski 2 Freedom – beneficiaries who we can help with your donation:

  • Individuals wishing to learn to ski independently

  • Families wanting to enjoy an inclusive holiday with a child or dependent

  • Schools – groups of pupils with a particular disability or additional need

  • Injured military men and women

  • Inspiring charities and organisations whose members can benefit from the activities

  • Using our expertise and contacts to help facilitate the growth of participation in winter sports

  • Promoting ski schools and equipment used to facilitate participating in winter sports

Ski 2 Freedom – the future with your donation:

To continue to provide unique comprehensive information on ski schools and mountain locations for winter sports and year-round mountain activities.  Ski 2 Freedom provides a comprehensive resource of information on snow-sport and mountain activities tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of people with a disability or special need so that they, family or friends can have an independent choice of location and activity. Once a ski school or resort is identified the Foundation is able to sign-post individuals and groups towards the organisations which will help bring together all the components required for someone to experience the ultimate joy of being in the mountains in winter.

To enhance our website and Guide to Mountain Activities

To increase awareness and enable more people to participate in winter sports

Ski 2 Freedom - how your donation can help:

Ensuring we maintain our comprehensive database of information is just one way in which donations are used along with our website.  However funds are also used to help facilitate other projects and raise awareness of the benefits gained from snowsport activities and access to the mountains.  These have included children from Hazel Oak School, UK with severe learning difficulties to benefit from a ski trip; the Tobell Ski Camp for young people with limb loss will be instigated thanks to a very generous donation; providing additional ski instructors for Caring Cancer Trust young skiers.......

For more information on all our activities do please contact the Director,  Catherine Cosby catherine.cosby@ski2freedom.com or to make a donation online please visit our donation page.

Donors to Ski 2 Freedom



Battle Back Fundraising Event Germany
Madame France Brestutino
Lieutenant General Robin Brims
Monsieur Gustave-Alain Miesegaes
Mr and Mrs David Taylor
Mr and Mrs Roderick Davidson
Mr Graham Brierley
Mr Phil Saunders
Mr Roger Potter
Mrs Charlotte Style
Mrs Fran Wood
Mrs Hugh Balfour
Mrs Inger Tobell
Mrs James Ekins
Mrs John birrell
Ms Cathy Presgrave
Rheindahlen Military UK Christmas Bazaar
Senora Dorina Guthress
Senora Kit Coelho
Senora Victoria Cervera
Caring Cancer Trust
Mr John Lyle
Mr Peter Kerrison
Mrs Fairhurst
Mrs Garner
Mrs J McCready
Nihon University – Health & Sports Centre
The Hon Mrs Harry Farrington
Wallhead Family
Mr and Mrs Philip Danby
Elizabeth Lindsey

Jamie Andrew OBE
Iron Maidens Snowboard and Ski Fundraising Event Les 2 Alpes organized and founded by Emily James
Neilson Holidays
Captain & Mrs Nick Wright
John F Kennedy School – Saanen
Lucie Velaise

Neilson Holidays France
Forbes Dixon
Maggie Sargent & Associates
Tewkesbury Rotary Club
Snow Wise
Mr Oliver Moule
ESF La Rosiere
La Mirabeau Hotel
Plymouth Snowriders (Plymouth University Snowsports Society)

Leila Amanpour

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We are thrilled M & G Investments are supporting us this winter!

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