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Ski equipment for all types of disability and special needs


Ski equipment which suits your own personal needs and requirements for skiing with a disability is vital!  Ski 2 Freedom is delighted to give you details of ski equipment companies which provide the ultimate technology and a variety of sit-skis and out-riggers.

Like any piece of sports equipment it is what you feel will give you the best - it is worth looking at what is available and contacting the manufacturers direct or talking with fellow ski enthusiasts as to what they feel suits the terrain, whether for off-piste or on-piste.

Depending on your disability or requirements there are various types of "skis" which would be suitable - click here to see more and discover full details.

Dual-ski Pilot






Uni-Ski and Dual-Ski (Mono- and Bi- )

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Which ski equipment can be used on chair-lifts etc.

All equipment supplied by the companies below will be accepted on the chair-lifts, drag lifts, gondolas, telecabines (where size allows) in France by the Lift Operation Companies but  - however, please be aware that some equipment bought from other organisations i.e. in North America maynot be allowed - please check these two documents.  The first is all equipment allowed in the 3 Valleys and therefore will be in almost all other resorts in France.  If you are in any doubt please contact STRMTG direct with a photo of the ski you either own or wish to purchase and they will tell you if it is acceptable in French Ski Resorts.


Based in France and providing sit-skis and tandemskis worldwide - all equipment is manufactuered to the highest level and support is provided for training and using the sit-skis when you buy.  Their website is a great place to see some amazing film footage of all the different types of ski equipment for disabled skiers.



Based in Austria - this is another sit-ski company.



Ski Rental - Sit skis, dual-ski pilot

Renting sit-skis is not that easy!  There are several organisations that do loan out equipment and their details are below.  Some of the ski schools in France will also rent out equipment but not all and you should contact the ski school direct.  All ski schools that do rent out their sit-skis and specialist equipment will need to ensure you have a ski level  to satisfy them that you are competent and safe to use the ski in the resort. 

This applies to everyone however many previous lessons you have had or, even if you are an advanced autonomous skier used to doing off-piste,, you will be required to take one of their qualified handiski/disabled ski instructors for the first morning or afternoon so that they can assess you.  It may be that they feel you need a little more instruction/guidance and then will be happy to let you take the ski out on your own or are satisfied after one session they hey you are free to fly!

Please understand the reasons behind this - their priority is safety not just for you but also for other skiers on the slopes.  If you have never skied the resort before then you need to know where you can go (not all lifts, slopes are accessible and you do not want to be caught out and find yourself miles from home!) - the ski slopes are open to everyone including disabled skiers thanks to the amazing work done by the lift operators and ultimately they hold the key to a continuation of disabled skiing within the resort; it will only take one accident due to an inexperienced skier and they could shut the whole thing down - the amount of work and dedication shown by the ski school instructors and others is enormous and we owe it to them to ensure that certain rules are observed.

For skiers coming from lessons on artifical snow, whether indoor or outdoor, the conditions on the real stuff are very different as most of you will be aware!  Also there is very little opportunity to experience chair-lifts, tow bars - although this is not always the case.  Icy conditions, slush, white-out are all unknown on the artifical slopes and indoor Snowdomes.  It is therefore even more appropriate that on hiring a sit-ski you do take a session with an instructor on your first day whether you are hiring equipment or bringing your own¨!  We realise that this is an extra cost but to advance your enjoyment of skiing and the ultimate ski winter holiday then the experts will encourage you to do this.

Locations for Hire:

Ski 2 Freedom

1 Tessier dual ski pilot with bar
1 Tessier Scarver
1 Tessier leisure uni-ski

Several seats for the above depending on size of skier

All the equipment is located in the French Alps and can be delivered at a small charge to the ski resort of your choice if it is not already in situ. 

Defisport - Switzerland (Sierre)
Have a selection of Tessier and Praschberger

Active Motion - Switzerland (Interlaken)
A good selection of Tessier and Praschberger.  They will deliver ski equipment to your resort but will normally require proof of ski level.

Handiconcept - Switzerland (Villars)

Ski independently with your disabled child

Sit-ski, son or daughter with a disability or special need, you as a parent and no ski instructor!

For all parents, brothers, sisters or friends and willing volunteers who would like to have the opportunity of being independent of a ski instructor then why not take advantage of the Training Programme for the Tessier Piloted Dual-ski which is organized by a number of French Ski Schools.
This is an ideal chance to have the necessary accreditation which will allow you to take your own child around the pistes with family and friends.  All you need is to be a good skier and have a couple of days spare to attend one of the courses.  Normally they are arranged around when you are free but to make the cost a bit easier it might be worth considering doing it with another family member or a good friend who may come on ski holidays with you.
The cost depends on which ski school and instructor you choose and the number of participants.
It is recommended that you do at least 2 days training (1 day is the minimum and it’s ok only for advanced skiers).

To learn more please click here for the full information

Where you can do your training click here.


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