Empowering people affected by disability, additional needs and life-changing conditions with the benefits of year-round mountain activities

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Ski Wear to help disabled skiers


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  • Ski jackets, clothing and ski gloves.

  • New exciting ski clothes specially designed for disabled skiers

  • Ski helmets

Some of our ski suits and accessories are specifically suited to people with a disability skiing and in particular using a mono or bi ski.  Other ski items such as helmets, gloves etc. we just like the look of and want to share with you.

Anyone skiing with a disability will need the same ski wear as anyone else except that some may well need extra protection from the cold and the weather in general.  Just because you are in a Tandemski being whizzed around the mountains does not mean a lack of high fashion for the ladies!

Ski 2 Freedom is also very keen on ensuring maximum safety on the slopes.  We ourselves use body-protection when required and this has definitely saved a member of the team from serious injury in Argentiere last winter!

Please do mention Ski 2 Freedom if you contact the company!
Please note: we are passing on this information in good faith. We have heard of most of these companies through recommendations from visitors to our website. We are not recommending them, or saying they will definitely help you.

Ski Clothes - designed for the sit-skier


The UTILITY HANDI RANGE was created with the help of skiers who explained to us the problem they faced finding the right clothing for their sport. As we all deserve the same comfort and protection, we worked with them to develop a sit-ski outfit that would meet their specific needs. After over a year of testing and prototyping, our product is now ready for production and has won ispo BrandNew Award 2010.

Ski 2 Freedom and UTY are working together to help more disabled skiers realise the full potential of this amazing range of ski clothes.  Read more.....


Outdoor Max Clothing Outdoor Max specializes in providing Ski Companies for the winter season …


Ski Clothes - Hire, Second Hand or New

Ski de Rouge   New or second hand ski gear for the whole family …


Ski Clothes - new and second hand for adults and children visit www.skiderouge.com
Ski suits, jackets, salopettes, snowboots, gloves, thermals etc. all at bargain prices!
Tel: 0044 (0)2077204871


Ski 2 Freedom was delighted to accept a wonderful donation of ski clothing, mostly for children and young adults, from Libby de Rougemont of www.skiderouge.com.  This fabulous haul of second-hand ski clothing will make a big difference to a lot of families and school groups.  The specialist ski instruction required for most of Ski 2 Freedom’s beneficiaries eats up an enormous amount of the holiday budget and therefore, to be able to provide some ski clothing, we hope that this will make a big difference to the lives of many children and young people with a disability or special need.

Keeping warm and having the correct garments is really important for the well- being,  comfort and the ability to gain maximum enjoyment from a ski and mountain experience, so Ski 2 Freedom is incredibly grateful for this very generous donation and delighted to have the support of Libby de Rougemont in our work.

Although we have identified a few people to benefit from this donation; if anyone is interested in having some much needed extra ski clothes for next winter please do not hesitate to contact us at catherine.cosby@ski2freedom.com

Ski Clothes - new and second hand for adults and children visit www.skiderouge.com
Tel: 0044 (0)2077204871




Ski 2 Freedom came across these at the London Ski Show and we really liked the range and designs.  They would appeal to any age and would certainly show style!!


Ski Wear Accessories for Style

Fosi Originals - fabulous faux fur trim for your ski helmet!  Boot liners with faux fur trim - a complete must have!

Put in this promotional code FDC10 and get 10% off your order - if you would like to donate this to Ski 2 Freedom please do so!!

Alexski The World's Most Beautiful Ski Gloves

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