Empowering people affected by disability, additional needs and life-changing conditions with the benefits of year-round mountain activities

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“Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires”

Bertrand Russell

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation - Where there are Mountains, there is Freedom!

The mountains welcome everyone! Ski 2 Freedom Foundation is a major portal providing comprehensive information on snow-sport and mountain activities worldwide, meeting the specific needs and requirements, of young people and adults who have a disability, special need, life-challenging illness or who have suffered a trauma and need reassurance that a winter sport holiday can still be or become part of the journey back to recovery.  

We understand the many complex needs and requirements of an individual with a disability, or special need and why matching those needs with a ski school instructor and resort is so vital to the overall outcome of a holiday. Whether a person is blind, has a physical disability, learning difficulty, amputation, MS, hemiplegia or recovering from cancer the opportunities for enjoying the mountains and having an inclusive holiday with family or friends is unique.

Snow flakes and magic! Skiing, snowboarding, relaxing in the sunshine, savouring the gastronomic delights, indulging in a warming glass of clove scented vin chaud, seeing the crystalline snow-flakes sparkle, watching the wisps of cloud swirling high over the alpine peaks, warm sunshine, snowshoe walking on “tennis rackets” over crunchy snow through pine scented woods, hearing the laughter and shouts of delight from children to grandparents where else can one be but in the ski resorts or the wild back-country of the mountains.


 “The beautiful thing about Ski 2 Freedom is the full meaning of the word freedom”

“Thank you so much for all your help and sorting this out for me.  This holiday has been a massive achievement for me!”

“People should believe that their children can do anything. My mum wasn’t sure if I would walk, but she believed in me, and so did my dad and now I can ski!!”


Ski Republic are supporting SKI2FREEDOM from the 10th of January

SKI REPUBLIC New Year's Resolution for 2014. At Ski Republic, our New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to support 2 European charities.

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Ski Insurance

This can be a tricky area for people with disabilities and additional needs.  We can not recommend any particular company but MPI are associated with many ski companies and as a broker will endeavour to find the best solution.

Wintersports insurance for those with a disability or special need can be difficult to find, although it depends on the condition.  MPI Brokers, with many years of expertise in ski insurance,  are more than happy to make personal enquiries to try to find the right insurance for you.

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  • Personal Stories - Hugo, aged 12

    Hugo skiing"People should believe that their children can do anything. My mum wasn’t sure if I would walk, but she believed in me, and so did my dad and now I can ski!! When I am alone and all by myself sometimes I think I am unlucky, but then I think that at least I can ski so maybe I am lucky. I think Ski 2 Freedom is a good idea to show other people like me how to ski."

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  • Personal Stories - Tudur, T4 paraplegic sit skier

    Tudur, T4 paraplegic sit skier"After some lunch we made our way back up the piste. I was feeling good and my skiing level was right up. Felt great managed to nail loads of proper carves and turns.."

    Spotted that off piste section again. This time I was ready and WOW! What a difference soft powder snow is! You need to lean back more on the skiis. It's like being in water I thought. It was a small section but made it back on piste, I felt great. Tried another section which went well, I honestly never thought I would go off piste. Those guys better watch out!!!

    After one of the best days of my life we had one more run which was great too.

    Read Tudur's story >

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