Empowering people affected by disability, additional needs and life-changing conditions with the benefits of year-round mountain activities

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”

- Henry David Thoreau

Ski 2 Freedom is a charity which provides access to comprehensive information on snow-sport and mountain activities for individuals, groups, families and carers from across the globe. We address the specific needs and requirements of all disabilities and additional needs, allowing beneficiaries to undertake fully tailored, life-enhancing mountain based activities.

For many, Ski 2 Freedom enhances lives by providing opportunities once thought to have been out of reach. We know this, because our beneficiaries tell us. Participation in mountain-based activities develops self-confidence and self-esteem. It improves quality of life by addressing feelings of social isolation as well as promoting health and well-being.

Using snow-sports and the mountains as a catalyst for building self-confidence, rehabilitation,  recreational or therapeutic purposes saw the birth of this unique organisation.

Freedom, Choice, Empowerment

We believe in freedom. We believe in choice.  And we believe in empowering people who struggle to exercise their freedom to choose, to do just that.

Funding News

We are thrilled M & G Investments are supporting us this winter!

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