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Welcome to the Ski 2 Freedom Guide to Accessible Skiing & Mountain Activities

Our Guide has only just been launched and we still have a lot of information to be uploaded please contact us personally if you cant't find what you are looking for catherine.cosby@ski2freedom.com

We are constantly updating our directory as we discover more information about the accessibility of ski resorts around the world. If you are planning to go to a resort that we have not yet included in our guide please contact us for information.

We have endeavoured to include as many conditions as we can into our resort finder but if you or someone you are arranging a holiday for has a condition that we have not listed please contact us for information on resorts that are suitable for a particular condition.

Are any of these questions familiar?

  • Why is this type of activity important
  • Can anyone really do it
  • Where do we go
  • Where do we stay
  • Can I go with my family
  • Can I go with a group
  • What obstacles do we need to overcome
  • Will being in a wheelchair make it impossible
  • Do I need to have skied before
  • Can I go out with my friends in the evening
  • What if we need medical help
  • What can I do if I don't want to ski all the time
  • Can I ski with my partner, children or parents
  • Are mountain restaurants accessible

For many disabled people, their families and friends, the prospect of going on a ski holiday can be a daunting experience - but not if you get Ski 2 Freedom to help!

Our aim is to help offer therapy, relief and recreation for people with disabilities through the provision of an Information Service for winter snow-sports. Linking people to organisations which are dedicated to providing snow-sport activities for all disabilities and special needs.

Helping charities and organisations to encourage their members to take part in and benefit from snow-sport activities.

Ski 2 Freedom is delighted to have the support of..